Welcome to my first blog post!

Posted by anihakutin on August 7, 2018

Hi there and welcome! I will be dedicating this blog to express my thoughts and also share some interesting projects I’ll be working on. Hope you enjoy!

Life and regret.

Jeff Bezos was asked what made him quit his job and start Amazon.com. He answered strongly that when a person turns of age and he looks back to see what he could’ve done differently with his life it won’t be the things he did that he’ll regret, his greatest regret will be those things he could have done and let his fears hold him back.

Life is a journey and not everyone is destined for success but it’s in our power to change our direction so we can at least travel a path that we can enjoy and thrive.

Code is one of those paths for those that live it.

Happy to be part of this amazing journey!

Best Regards,