Rails Project: Drivenwork.com

Posted by anihakutin on July 2, 2019

And it’s finally (in)complete, my Rails Project. DrivenWork.com

Driven Work as in itself means companies that are driven something else other then making money, something that solves a real world problem.

The Objective

Create an app where users can submit companies with their Ceo and the problems or technology breakthroughts they solved or achieved.

Example: “Tesla, Electric Cars, Solving Sustainable Energy. CEO: Elon Musk, Year Founded: 2007, Major Breakthroughs: Compelling electric vehicles for an affordable price.

The App

Quite self explanatory…(Not yet)


  • Company
    • Has_many Problems
    • Has_many TechnologyBreakthroughs
    • Belongs_to User
    • Belongs_to CEO
  • CEO
    • Has_many Companies
    • Has_many TechnologyBreakthroughs through Companies
    • Has_many Problems through Companies
  • Problem
    • Belongs_to Company
  • TechnologyBreakthrough
    • Belongs_to Company
  • User
    • Has_many companies


  • Users can signup with an email or github(Yes, there’s an open vunerability for the rails github gem that’s why I’m not taking social security numbers yet…
  • Any user can add or edit posts
  • Only an admin can delete posts, currently anyone can signup as admin
  • You can view all Companies, Ceo’s, Problems and Technology Breakthroughs through the main menu
  • You can add a company or you can add a problem or a technology breakthrough to an existing company.

That’s all there is, I know the layout and design is crap, I threw bootstrap on so It wouldn’t look 90’s but other then that it needs work, shoot me a msg if you find yourself lost…

Oh, and it took me 4 hours to [learn how to] deploy to AWS…

Thanks for looking, Heshie Brody