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Sinatra With Sessions And Authentication

What Are Sessions And Why Do I Need Them?

The internet or rather the HTTP protocol that we use and know today was invented by a guy named Tim Berners-Lee. He built the internet to be stateless, meaning that every time you request a page from a webserver the webserver does not know or care who you are. Same so every time you submit a webpage to a webserver it has no special meaning to the web server.

My Conversation With The Founder of a 2 Billion Dollar Software Company

Blank Sheet Syndrome.

Writing code and Blogging Have More In Common Then You And Your Great Aunt’s Cat.


Hacker News API and first time API interactions

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. - Mark Twain

TDD, Objects, Methods, DRY Code, Etc. Definitions I wish I knew.


Allows you to write the code you wish you had.

Also, it forces you to implement with metaphors to form your test code essentially modeling the world around you. And that’s why you should always use Test Driven Development.