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Update jsonb Columns Using The Rails Active Record Methods

While building a Rails API backend for a recent project I came across a challenge when updating jsonb columns.

ShipMatix - My First SaaS App, Submitting My Final Project, Part 1.


ERB To JS on a Rails API - jQuery Free

The Rails JS project really was something I looked forward to because it gave me the opportunity to finally pull all that I know together and build on what iv’e learned in the past year.

Rails Project:

And it’s finally (in)complete, my Rails Project.

NerdBox, Share Your Setup and Display Your Gear


Display your Pc Setup and Gear

For my sinatra project I created an app which allows users to signup and create profiles for thier gear and pc setup. I started off with a join table for my has many through realtionship(Hardware model), but later switched to a polymorphic relationship since it would make things cleaner and less complex.